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    About Us

    The Fulton School is an independent, coeducational, Montessori-based school serving children 18 months old through 12th grade. Located in Chesterfield along the Hwy. 40 corridor, their roots in Montessori emphasize independence to build students’ confidence, concentration to lay the foundation for academic growth, individualized learning so children are not bored or overwhelmed, and character development to nurture the whole child. The small, homelike environment offers students a safe place to face the inevitable challenges, joys, and struggles of growing up. With small class sizes and engaging curriculum, teaching students to think critically, write and speak effectively, collaborate, exercise initiative, and display good character are the school’s top priorities. Preparing students for life – for studying, living, and working on their own – are the end goals. Through 6th grade, the multiage classrooms are designed to allow children to explore hands-on, purposeful work that both reach the children where their interests lie, but also encourage them to tackle more complex ideas. In 7th through 12th grade, students master a challenging, college-preparatory curriculum supplemented with meaningful opportunities to learn through travel, entrepreneurship, community service, Makerspace, art, outdoor work (gardens/animals), and athletics. Pedagogical focus is on skills and character as much as content mastery. The Fulton School’s culture of respect, freedom balanced with responsibility, and plenty of choices create a unique atmosphere where students thrive.


    • Toddlers through 12th grade
    • Independent, Co-Ed
    • Montessori
    • Hands-On Learning
    • Multi-Age Classrooms


    Montessori Children's House (preschool)
    Montessori Children's House (preschool)
    Lower Elementary (first, second and third grade)
    Upper Elementary (fourth, fifth, and sixth grade)
    Middle School (seventh and eighth grade)
    High School (ninth through twelfth)
    HIgh School Athletics
    Apiary on Campus
    Hands-On Learning
    Getting Outside the Textbook
    Middle School Outdoor Ed Trip
    Farm Program on Campus
    Middle School Community Meeting
    MOntessori Children's House Classroom
    Opportunities to Explore

    Rep/Contact Info

    Kara Douglass
    Head of School
    • Phone: (314) 469-6622