• Discover Chesterfield


    We are an energized community that is vibrant and growing because of its people, businesses, government, schools, and civic and religious organizations. 

    With a history of determination that includes rising up after the devastating Missouri River Flood in 1993, this city stands strong thanks to its resilient backbone, but it doesn’t look back. Here in Chesterfield, it’s all about moving forward.

    The Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce has been an advocate for this community since 1976. Its impact and lasting legacy-a blossoming retail, commercial, and industrial and professional environment- has provided thousands of jobs and benefitted the lives of many. The Chamber promotes and supports the business community by providing educational and networking opportunities to its nearly 700 members. Furthermore, the Chamber offers resources for visitors, tourists and residents. 

    There’s no stopping the growth of this city. Something new and something better, is always coming along.

    Envisioning the future and empowering firms to make it happen: That’s the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce.