• Ex-Officio - Dr. Eric Knost

  • Dr. Eric Knost
  • Dr. Eric Knost

    Rockwood School District

    Dr. Eric Knost joined the Rockwood School District in July 2014.  He quickly established his priorities as students and their learning.

    "My focus will be on the 21,000 students in our schools," notes Dr. Knost.  "I want them to know their superintendent."  School visits will be an important part of the new superintendent's schedule.  "When I visit schools, I take the time to walk in every classroom.  I want to see teachers and students in action."

    Dr. Knost has developed a plan to meet with students, employees, parents and citizens. During his first months in the district, he scheduled a series of school visits and various meetings and conversations to engage our school community.  The new Superintendent is guided by the district's strategic plan that includes five goal areas to deliver on the district's promise to ensure all students realize their potential: Student Learning, Highly Effective Staff, School Climate, District Finance and Governance.  This road map drives Rockwood initiatives and accountability at all levels.

    Before joining Rockwood, Dr. Knost served as superintendent for the Mehlville School District. However, he comes back to Rockwood where he served during his early years as an educator and leader. As an administrative intern and band director from 1989-1997, Dr. Knost shared his expertise at a variety of Rockwood schools, including Lafayette and Marquette High Schools, Crestview and Selvidge Middle Schools, plus Babler, Ballwin, Ellisville, Pond, Geggie, Westridge and Woerther Elementary Schools.