• Ex-Officio Director  - Dr. Eric Knost

  • Dr. Eric Knost
  • Dr. Eric Knost

    Rockwood School District

    Dr. Eric Knost has more than 30 years in public education, serving the past three as superintendent of the Rockwood School District. Knost keeps the district focused on unity, excellence and relationships. He was cited in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as a "Top Confidence-Boosting Leader" in our metropolitan area. Guided by district goals, he delivers on the Rockwood promise to ensure all students realize their potential.

    Dr. Knost believes the relationships between teachers and students are at the heart of education. Research shows students who have a caring relationship with a teacher are more motivated to learn, enjoy school more and demonstrate greater academic success. Knost focuses his efforts on small class sizes and encourages educators to unite in helping all kids to thrive in this world.

    ​​Under Knost's leadership, the district has forged efforts to be more innovative in all operations, especially learning in all our schools. This includes advancements in STEM education, innovative learning, real-time learning, entrepreneurship opportunities, college partnerships, career pathways and more. Our community supported these efforts by investing in science additions/renovations at all four high schools, a 1-to-1 technology program and innovative learning centers in all Rockwood elementary schools. Knost strongly believes learning becomes much more meaningful when we give students opportunities to create and share end-products or projects. The mission is to create powerful ways for students to acquire meaningful knowledge, and this is now a reality for Rockwood students.