• Bob Hardcastle

    Bob Hardcastle’s “Money Talk” Radio Claims Place Among Longest-Running Financial Talk Radio Shows

    Celebrates 30 Years of Helping People Feel More Comfortable With Their Money­

    ST. LOUIS-- Not quite as long running as the “Folksong Festival” with host Oscar Brand on WNYC, or “Music & the Spoken Word” with Richard Evans on KSL Salt Lake City, but “Bob Hardcastle’s Money Talk” can claim it’s place among the longest-running financial talk radio shows. And get this, it’s even been on air longer than the Simpsons, the longest-running scripted primetime TV series.

    While the Simpsons has been on air 29 seasons, “Bob Hardcastle’s Money Talk” will celebrate it’s 30th anniversary with a special two-hour remote broadcast starting at 10 a.m. on Aug. 1, airing live from Hardcastle’s Delta Investments office. It will feature his good friend, Jennifer Blome, (who used to interview Hardcastle for his weekly Money Minutes segment on KSDK) and her current co-host on “The Inside”, Jon Grayson.

    They will reminisce on how he got started, some of the show’s highlights, folks he had the pleasure of interviewing, and other fun things.

    According to Delta’s marketing director, Tiffany Graham, the shows are hour-long, easy-to-understand financial lessons that help people “feel more comfortable with their money”.

    With the volatility in the market, Hardcastle says, “Investors need to keep their emotions calm, and not move every time the markets move.”  He says that his program on KTRS 550 AM can help investors to be more informed, and also help them to better understand the complexities of financial planning.

    From early childhood, Bob was a baseball player, and he’s had all kinds of shenanigans in that arena (which you can read about in “College Baseball and Other Shenanigans”); but he took a radio class in high school, and fell in love with it and the entertainment business. He never made it in entertainment because when he was cast as Don Quixote in the school’s play, he quit because it interfered with baseball.  Maybe the world was spared Bob as an actor, but that didn’t silence him because “Money Talk” came about. 

    Over the years, the program has welcomed guests from the Metro area and around the globe giving a myriad of insights on finances, including interviews with luminaries such as Steve Forbes, former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, former presidential candidate Bob Dole, “America’s Money Answers Man”, Jordan Goodman, motivational guru Zig Ziglar, and numerous other entrepreneurs and investment world professionals.

    You can catch Bob and his intriguing guests as they chat about money, the current marketplace and the wonderful world of investing every Sunday morning from 8-9 a.m. on 550 AM.