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    M. Peri Periasamy is a retired, longtime resident of Chesterfield (since 991) and has been active in the Chamber for the past three years. Currently he is the Chairperson of the Business Education Committee (BEC) and also a member in two other, CUCO and of the Government Affairs committees. He closely works with Nora Amato in expanding the important role played by BEC in promoting the mission defined by the Board, "Connect, Learn, and Grow!"

    Peri's background is in family business in South India. He is one of the co-founders and President of Niroga Drug Discovery, a recent start up focusing novel antibiotics and anticancer agents. His other company, CRKL, Inc., is exploring important business opportunities from South India.

    Prior to retirement, he was a Director of R&D at Mallinckrodt, an internationally recognized pharmaceutical company based in St. Louis. Over the years, Peri gained a broad business experience working with senior management, marketing, manufacturing, project management and medical-regulatory on a global basis. He successfully led the team in developing a multi million dollar valued new product and launching it across many countries. Peri has a Ph.D in Chemistry from Florida State University and law degree from Saint Louis University.

    He joined the Chamber with the goal to share his work experience and business knowledge with other Chamber members and assist in succeeding in their business efforts.